Mat Zo launches Mad Zoo label

After years of planning, Mat Zo is launching his new label Mad Zoo. Unlike most other labels, every Mad Zoo release will be available for free on SoundCloud for the first week alongside each release. 

Get The Up Down Left Right EP on SoundCloud, Beatport & iTunes.

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Michael Cassette “Temporarity” OUT NOW!!

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Michael Cassette is the infamous 80s-inspired electronic producer who chooses anonymity over publicity. He seeks refuge in his studio, basking in the bright, neon sparkle of retro synths and soaking up the warm embrace of classic analogue grooves.

Since emerging with ‘Shadow’s Movement’ in 2007, he has become a revered force amongst electronic music lovers. DJs like Eric Prydz, James Zabiela, Laurent Garnier and SOS have all lauded his unique ability to transform past musical memories into moments of contemporary club magic. Disco blogs and dance music bibles (Mixmag, DJ magazine and iDJ) have given him glowing reviews, while Anjunadeep continue to celebrate him as their most unique and promising studio talent.

Both reassuringly familiar and assuredly fresh, Michael Cassette’s ‘Temporarity’ is the perfect blend of uplifting 80s sounds and ultra-clean production sensibilities. A complete and cohesive journey, it begins on the progressive cosmic boogie of ‘My Name Is Michael Cassette’ before sweeping into the familiar synth-disco bliss of ‘Shadows Movement’.

A cover of Miami Vice’s iconic soundtrack ‘Crockett’s Theme’ is like a smooth, sugary shot of Floridian sunshine to the ear, while vocal moments like ‘Through The Windows’ and ‘Nevermore’ touch on the classic 80s tradition of classy synth-pop.

There are progressive club sounds found in the bittersweet glow of ‘Magneta Sunset’, the uplifting ‘Zeppelin’ and the hypnotic flutters of ‘Kilimanjaro’, while forthcoming single ‘Ghost In The Machine’ – released in November alongside a Spirit Catcher remix – is another Michael Cassette classic in the making. Showing off the producer’s versatility, the album closes with the sombre Tangerine Dream-esque electronica of the emotive ‘Funeralia - Farewell To David’.

1. My Name Is Michael Cassette
2. Shadow’s Movement
3. Crockett’s Theme
4. Through The Windows
5. Magenta Sunset
6. Ghost in the Machine
7. Pangaea
8. Nevermore
9. Kilimanjaro
10. Carpe Diem
11. Zeppelin
12. Funeralia - Farewell to David
Bonus Track (iTUNES ONLY) - Memories (90’s Piano Mix)

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Michael Cassette - Temporarity by Anjunadeep