#BeatportDecade Anjunabeats Trance

We’re wishing Beatport a very Happy 10th Birthday with an exclusive collection of some Anjunabeats Beatport classics.

Featuring timeless anthems from Arty, Audien, ilan Bluestone, Above & Beyond, Mat Zo, Super 8 & Tab and many more.

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What an incredible night at the Anjunabeats Masters with Andy Moor, Super8 & Tab and Kyau & Albert at Ministry Of Sound.
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We do it all again at the Anjunabeats Volume 11 Album Launch with Andrew Bayer, Audien, ilan Bluestone and Genix, Friday 25th July at The Gallery at Ministry Of Sound.

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Anjunabeats Masters @ Ministry Of Sound, 6th June - Kyau & Albert

Ahead of our Anjunabeats Masters takeover of London’s Ministry Of Sound this Friday,Kyau & Albert share their top tracks of the moment, featuring Illuminor, Nick Karsten and their own new release ‘Are You One Of Us?’.

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Anjunabeats Masters at The Gallery (Ministry Of Sound) - 6th June 2014

On Friday 6th June, three Anjunabeats names who have helped define the sound of the label come together for a celebration of past, present and future with Anjunabeats Masters - Andy Moor, Super8 & Tab and special guests Kyau & Albert, at London’s iconic Ministry Of Sound club.

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Great memories with Super8 & Tab and The Gallery Club from January’s opening party.

We’re ready to make new ones when the boys return alongside Andy Moor and Kyau & Albert for ‘Anjunabeats Masters’ at London’s Ministry Of Sound on 6th June.

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'Anjunabeats Masters' @ Ministry Of Sound June 6th - Andy Moor, Super8 & Tab and Kyau & Albert


On Friday 6th June, three Anjunabeats names who have helped define the sound of the label come together for a celebration of past, present and future with Anjunabeats Masters - Andy Moor, Super8 & Tab and special guests Kyau & Albert.

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Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep at The Gallery @ Ministry of Sound - Friday 9 November

On Friday 9 November, Anjunabeats will be returning to The Gallery, Ministry of Sound, London for a special takeover of both the Box and the 103. To celebrate his second artist album, Jaytech will be bringing his increasingly main room sound to the Box for a special "Multiverse" release party. He’ll be joined by Finnish favourites Super8 & Tab and long time label friend Andy Moor.

In the more intimate 103, Anjunadeep favourite Martin Roth will play a special three hour set. Expect immersive deep house and blissed out progressive in there.

Doors open at 10:30pm. To get your exclusive earlybird tickets click HERE.

Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor “Air For Life” (Norin & Rad Remix)

A forward-thinking collaboration with Andy Moor, "Air For Life" originally featured on the acclaimed 2006 album "Tri-State" and has stood the test of time as a fan favourite; a genuine A&B classic.

Getting a fresh lease of life for 2012, "Air For Life" has become a regular feature in Above & Beyond’s sets once again thanks to this innovative rework from Norin & Rad. Adding a modern tech groove, Norin & Rad then lift things up with a dramatic piano breakdown that merges beautifully with the unmistakable melodies and vocal strains of the original. Dropping into a curveball surge of oscillating electro synths, this bold remix shows the US producers at the top of their game.

'10 Years Of Anjunabeats': Behind The Music with Andy Moor, Daniel Kandi and Sunny Lax

Above & Beyond’s ‘10 Years of Anjunabeats’ celebrates not just a decade of the label’s existence but a decade of defining Anjunabeats moments. Giving you a deeper insight into this journey, our ‘Behind The Music’ series presents week-by-week interviews with the artists that make up the album – talking through the inspirations and effort that poured into their tracks and remixes. This week Andy Moor talks to us about the production intricacies behind his ‘These Shoulders’ remix, Daniel Kandi reveals the inspirations behind the classic ‘Breathe’ and Sunny Lax discusses his remix of Nitrous Oxide’s ‘North Pole’.

Signalrunners & Julie Thompson – These Shoulders (Andy Moor Remix)
“The main idea for this remix was to make it for the dancefloor, but also for the listener who has $1 headphones in their earholes – it’s hard to combine the two sometimes. There was a temptation to make it fast, driving and ‘typical’ but I thought that it deserved a little more subtlety in its delivery.
“The mix came together easily at first, and before I knew it I had too many parts and elements (as is lately becoming all too frequent) which soon meant I had to choose a direction. This was the hardest part. I had a really techie groovy version with no key changes and lots of production elements which would work great on the dancefloor but would equally alienate a lot of people, so I decided to halt that route and start on another.
“I also had a really messed up version where I spent days extending each of the vowels of the vocal to make it sound very fake and electronic and processed. I personally loved this, but then I thought “did I really need to do that when the vocal is so great on its own” so I scrapped that too. “Eventually I settled on the original vocal with subtle but suitable processing, a simple chopped vocal theme that accented the rhythm of the bass, a new chord sequence for the verse and a very layered string/pad section that complements the original chords and piano.
“As for the bassline, I’m really into rolling basslines at the moment but the original already had this kind of bass so I needed something new. I asked myself how I could create a bassline that would work in the chord changing areas and not get drowned out and lose its complexity. This is always the difficulty in creating a bassline that has an unorthodox rhythm and has melodic content - it has to work with every other sound otherwise it just sounds messy. Every other element has to be built around the bassline.
“In terms of structure - after the breakdown there was no question that there was an obligation to the original’s melody, so that had to be in there. The only question was should I copy off the original’s more minimal “kick in” or should I try a full on “kick in”. The more minimal idea did work very well but, as it’s a remix, I opted for an all singing all dancing ‘kick back in’ keeping the original’s structure before the vocal chorus arrives again.”
-Andy Moor

Daniel Kandi – Breathe
“This was inspired after a night out with some Danish celebs. I came back to the studio and made a version when I was not in the most sober state. Then the morning after I feared the worst, but it sounded good! So I continued sober, and after few A&R talks with Jono, as well as some inspiration from the loss of a good friend, ‘Breathe’ was the result.
“With the sound of the track, I went for clear cut classic Anjunastyle, with a simple and yet beautiful chord progression. Most importantly I just hoped they would like it. Thankfully, the response was good. Forums were talking about who I was and where I was from etc… It was kinda fun to observe from the outside. I let the listeners decide if it’s a classic or not, but I do agree that that the melody instantly had a great feeling over it.
-Daniel Kandi

Nitrous Oxide - North Pole (Sunny Lax Remix)
“Remixing a ‘timeless classic’ is easy and difficult at the same time. In one sense, it’s easier remixing a track when you love the style of the original; this can be really inspiring. However, it is difficult, because it is always on your mind that you want to create something as good and likeable as the original.
“With ‘North Pole’ – which was always my personal favourite track of mine from Nitrous Oxide – I wanted to combine the uplifting feel of the old times in today’s modern sound.
"The sound of the main leads and the simple but fabulous chord progression is what I really love in the original mix, so I tried to keep them. Instead of the big uplifting groove, I worked on something snappy but chunky. Although the remix is slower than the original, it is felt less, because there is a lot of swing on the rhythm. I hope you like it!”
-Sunny Lax

Featuring tracks and remixes from Above & Beyond, Andy Moor, Super8 & Tab, Bart Claessen, Nitrous Oxide, Maor Levi and more, Above & Beyond’s ‘10 Years Of Anjunabeats’ is out now. Buy from iTunes here, order your double disc CD here or click here for full buy links.

Andy Moor “Fake Awake” pre-sale out now on CDJShop

Shipping: 4/8/2008

A joint venture between our mainline Anjunabeats division and Mr Moor’s own AVA Recordings imprint, ‘Fake Awake’ is the latest club super-tanker to sail out of Andy’s studio.

As with all his tracks, the original mix effortlessly cruises the lines between trance and progressive. With its robust beats, distorted-bass sub-melody & silk-black, city-scape feel, it’s a fully evocative listening experience. Add to that a unique, hazily indistinct vocals (the exact likes of which you may never have heard before) and you’ve got a proper podium pulveriser on our hands!

On remix duties is Hungary’s Márió ‘Myon’ Égető who teams up with his production partner ‘Shane 54’. Using a thumping, stripped down arrangement, marked with flashes of electro, it builds to a huge synth-stabbed climax. Andy Moor’s own Ecomix ties off the parcel with the most euphoric of the interpretations, employing those vocals to huge effect!

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